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Eco-friendly stoves from Parkray

Enhance your home without costing the earth. View the range of Ecodesign 2022 approved stoves and speak to the team at The Fireplace Room to learn more.

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Time to shake off the cold and relax…

Parkray, part of the Hunter Stoves Group, have a fabulous range of Ecodesign approved, powerful stoves inclusive of a 10-year warranty. Designed for open-plan living, these innovative systems are a positive addition to any space-conscious room, offering the style and efficiency that you need.


By running at optimal levels, these stoves have been designed to improve air quality, reduce emissions, and all with easy control. The Tripleburn technology also enhances eco-friendly, efficient burning, meaning all products within the Aspect range produce up to 5 times less smoke than required under the Ecodesign 2022 standards.

stove in a fireplace with a mirror above

Guilt-free buying for the eco-conscious

Free initial consultation within a 5 mile radius. Find the stove that suits your home with help from The Fireplace Room Ltd. Call our team today.

Call us today: 01425 471147

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