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Fire hobs and fascias, and more

Looking for something contemporary? Consider the entire range of products from FDC, brought to you by The Fireplace Room Ltd and our team in Wimborne.

Bringing you more from FDC

In addition to their sandstone fireplaces, FDC are also manufacturers of steel and cast-iron hobs and fascias as well as electric fires, fire fronts and the eco freestanding stove.


As fire installation experts ourselves, we've taken the time to source products from suppliers that share our same priorities - customer service, product quality and performance. That's why you can be sure you're only even getting the very best when you shop with The Fireplace Room Ltd.

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Steel hobs and fascias

Available in Amesbury, Salisbury, Shatesbury, Mitred, Sophia, and Georgian designs, steel hobs or fascias are a simple yet effective way to add another level of depth to your fireplace. Showcasing brushed steel, these products include a protective film to prevent rusting and are very easy to care for, with a simple wipe down with a lint-free cloth and spray-type oil recommended on a frequent basis.

Steel hobs & fascias

Cast iron arches and fascias

Opt for deep black or highlight arches and fascias to accentuate and frame your installation. Due to the nature of cast iron, FDC recommend that all fireplaces undergo a period of 'burning-in', lighting small fires initially before gradually increasing the size of each fire.

Cast Iron arces and fascias


It's not simply the external features of the fireplace that can create the look you desire. The chamber in which your fire sits can also make an impressive impact. From Cobble Cream and Rustic Slate to classic Old Red Stock, you'll have the freedom to choose the style you desire for your fireplace.